Truth of My Journey

The stories nurturing this memoir are the stories of my life. I can only admit that some of them break my heart, while others make me laugh, and even cry. Some describe life threatening circumstances that me and my people faced.


“I know deep inside the humble duty to share these stories so that the past can be honored and the present lived to its full potential. In some ways, I sense that it is my responsibility as a committed son of Africa to add my stone to the crafting, writing and building of the Africa I so desperately want to see. These stories have forged my character. Although the path destiny put on me was both difficult and beautiful, I am proud of the journey achieved so far.

This journey is not only my journey: it is the timeless journey of all other people who contributed to build the man that I am today, beginning with my parents, family members, teachers, colleagues and friends. The universality of my story was born in the shared human values and experiences so many others have lived across time and continents.

I am glad to meet and speak with people all over the world who share my intimate story, even though my memories exist in the context in which I have lived; my country Angola, and the continent of my ancestors, my beloved Africa.”